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AREA 21,040.79 Km2 / 8,123.85 miles


Almost 7 million inhabitants.

El Salvador has more than seven million inhabitants within its national territory, but it has a highly emigrant  population, it is calculated that about two million Salvadorans are residing in the United States  of America  alone, who contribute enormously with the development and the economy of our country through their work and their efforts. The ethnic composition is of 90 % mixed blood, 5 % natives and another 5 % of European descent.


The official language in El Salvador is Spanish, even though there are still small towns where the tradition of the Nahuatl language of our native ancestors is conserved.


Most of the population practices  the catholic religion, but lately there has been a substantial increase in the practice of other religions.


The standard time in El Salvador is 6 hours less than that of Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT-6).